JVCAPITAL & CARAIA Virtual Roadshow - Trinidad & Tobago

KINGSTON: The Caribbean Alternative Investment Association (CARAIA) a non-profit organisation established by the Development Bank of Jamaica, through its JVCAPITAL (Jamaica Venture Capital Programme), will hold the first in a series of Caribbean virtual roadshows on October 23rd, 2020 in the twin republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  The webinar is aimed at building CARAIA’s membership in Trinidad and Tobago and is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. (Trinidad Time).
The series of webinars will target different islands with the hope of building an integrated sustainable alternative investment ecosystem for the Caribbean.
“CARAIA’s mission is to increase potential for local and cross-country business growth, accelerating learning of industry best practices and raise the profile of the region in promoting Alternative investments.  The association will become the voice that speaks collectively on behalf of its members, thereby placing the Caribbean more effectively on the world's alternative investments stage,” says Chairman Christopher Williams.
This first webinar will discuss CARAIA’s history, plans, levels of membership and what benefits the umbrella organisation brings to the Caribbean. Williams says CARAIA members will have access to specialized knowledge and support to help them prosper in the private capital market.  
 “By coming together under one representative body, we can work to build a strong, highly-integrated alternative investment ecosystem that serves the entire Caribbean,” says Project Coordinator Audrey Richards. “Together, we can amplify our voices, lobby for policies that fuel development of the sector and increase our visibility in the global investment landscape.”
The webinar series is expected to attract Caribbean investors, fund managers, policy makers, startups, and other stakeholders in the financial markets. Viewers can ask questions and learn more about CARAIA and the region's private capital ecosystem.  Persons interested in being a part of this game changing  webinar are invited to register at www.caraia.org to secure their space and tune in to the first #CARAIA #VirtualCaribbeanRoadshow.  The webinar will be delivered via ZOOM.
Christopher Williams, who will give a presentation on CARAIA, will be joined by Angus Young, CEO, NCB Global Finance, Kevin Valley, CBV, Aspire Fund Management, and Audrey Richards. Martin Vogt, Chair of the organization’s Membership Committee will cmoderatr teh webinar.
"It's always disconcerting when the Caribbean is presented as a little dot on the global investment map,” says Richards. “We need to make the world know that things are happening in the Caribbean."