VENTURE HIVE:Opportunity for Caribbean entrepreneurs & Entrepreneur Support Providers/ Enablers

The Office of Global Partnerships of the Secretary of State of the United States has partnered with Venture Hive to create a seven-week program focusing on providing support, engaging diaspora mentors and experts. And we need your nominations, including self-nominations, to help us track down the best and the brightest. We will provide an all-expense-paid opportunity to showcase, foster and connect your local entrepreneurial ecosystem with industry leaders in the U.S. is about to take place in your neck of the woods. 
The program will focus on creating a solid foundation to scale, preparing for scaling through expansion or export, development of financing materials and preliminary due diligence documents, and utilizing international relationships and partnership for growth.
The Opportunity:
Nominate: (1) Entrepreneur - A total of 10 Caribbean-based entrepreneurs will be selected.
Program: Seven-week virtual accelerator
Travel: Bootcamp in Miami July 18 – 22
Eligibility: Companies may have tech and non-tech products, including food, traditional businesses, and service-focused companies. Applicants may include second stage companies as well as startups so firms across different industries, locations, and needs. Everyone will be able to share best practices and learn from each other, our Venture Hive mentors, and the Caribbean diaspora who will be engaged as speakers, mentors, and supporters.
Nominate: (1) Entrepreneur Support Providers (Enablers) – Only 3 Caribbean Enablers will be selected.
Program: Seven-week virtual accelerator
Eligibility: A university, incubator or government program – an individual from an entity that provides training for the onsite team as professional development and capacity building for the region.
Travel: Bootcamp in Miami July 16 – 22
If selected: The enablers would be trained both virtually for seven weeks and onsite in Miami for one week in best practices in mentor selection, business modeling, value propositions, preparing companies to be investable, developing sustainability plans for their own programs, etc. The selected enablers will support the Bootcamp program by getting hands-on mentoring experience.
Accelerator Schedule:
Week 1: Foundations for Growth/Strategy
Week 2: Product/Service Design and Operations for Growth
Week 3: Finance Strategy and KPIs
Week 4: Go-to-Market and Sales/Customer Engagement
Week 5: Culture/HR & Legal/IP
Week 6: Funding Strategy
Week 7: At the BoomCamp in Miami: Marketing/PR
We want to plug into the local ecosystem to show our support to mentors, investors, and the strong Caribbean diaspora both in Miami and VH’s expanded network throughout North America and Europe will assist not only the entrepreneurs currently in their programs but have ripple effects for years to come.
Special attention will be given to developing strong ties between the Caribbean diaspora and the enablers programs.
Success is based on three dimensions: economic impact, business development and growth, and individual education.
Apply: www.apply.venturehive.com/BoomCamp2016
Both programs will commence the week of June 6th. The deadline for applications is TUESDAY, May 31st so please forward this opportunity at your earliest convenience!
For further information, please contact: 
Susan Amat, MBA, Ph.D.
CEO/Founder, Venture Hive
1010 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132
O: 305.735.1274