The Development Bank of Jamaica

The Development Bank of Jamaica Limited is a corporation that is wholly owned by the Government of Jamaica and is mandated to foster economic growth and development of strategic sectors of the Jamaican economy. 
It was created in April 2000, from the merger of the Agricultural Credit Bank of Jamaica Limited and the National Development Bank of Jamaica Limited. The operations, assets and liabilities of the National Investment Bank of Jamaica (NIBJ) were further amalgamated with the DBJ on September 1, 2006.
The Development Bank of Jamaica has as its mission …to facilitate economic growth and development in the Jamaican economy.   Over the years strong emphasis has been placed on the Micro Small- & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME).  The Bank strongly believe that the MSMEs are the engine of growth for the economy and in an effort to encourage their development the DBJ has committed to strategically target these businesses over the medium term (three to five years).  The bank will do this through (a) building the sectors’ capacity through technical assistance and institutional strengthening and (b) increasing the levels of access to credit whether through traditional lending (equity) or new and revolutionary lending
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